[PD] ggee shell does not work in 0.52

martin brinkmann mnb at martin-brinkmann.de
Tue Feb 1 21:17:10 CET 2022

On 30/01/2022 21:43, Roman Haefeli wrote:

> If you want to preserve the exact output, use the binary format invoked
> with the -b flag [command -b]. This returns the results as list of
> bytes. You could use [list tosymbol] to convert the whole thing to a
> single symbol.

i have tried this (and used list/tosymbol before with filenames as
numeric characters), and it works. but the problem is, that

exec date +%S%M%H%m%d

(my randomseed which looks like 3401210201 for example)

apparently prepends a parsed numeric value to LS_EXIT (first)
outlet of [command]).

the output is something like
print: 5.70921e+09
print: 0
and nothing at the middle (and right) outlet.

with any character (non numeric) added to the date string, everything 
woks as expected.

bis denn!

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