[PD] fan-out (was Re: Pd-list Digest, Vol 203, Issue 12)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Feb 10 14:58:37 CET 2022


it would be super-cool if you could change the subject to something 
meaningful before replying to a digest mail.

On 2/10/22 14:39, Samuel Burt wrote:
> Having used Pd for two decades, this still catches me occasionally. I was

that's the reason why i think that statements like "Fanning out to cold 
control inlets is perfectly fine" and "I also admit to using fanning 
when I know order isn't as important for that case" are problematic.
not because they are wrong (they are objectively correct), but because 
they encourage bad habits which are hard to come by.

> only able to debug the problem because I knew this could be an issue. Guess
> the UI doesn't allow for some kind of subtle indication that you've fanned
> connections from an outlet. Would be nice though if a little "x2", "x3",
> and "x4" would pop up next to your mouse cursor when you are making a
> connection and mouse over the next inlet. 

if you are currently creating a fan-out you are hopefully aware that you 
are doing just that (i think it's *really* hard to not notice that an 
outlet already has a connection going out).
so the problem is not to make people aware that they are fanning out, 
but to make people aware that this might introduce message ordering 

in the meantime, use triggerize (Ctrl+a Ctrl+t) to resolve all your 

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