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Thu Feb 10 23:07:18 CET 2022

Wow, triggerize I didn't know, and its super cool!

> Am 10.02.2022 um 14:58 schrieb IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>:
> hi.
> it would be super-cool if you could change the subject to something meaningful before replying to a digest mail.
> On 2/10/22 14:39, Samuel Burt wrote:
>> Having used Pd for two decades, this still catches me occasionally. I was
> that's the reason why i think that statements like "Fanning out to cold control inlets is perfectly fine" and "I also admit to using fanning when I know order isn't as important for that case" are problematic.
> not because they are wrong (they are objectively correct), but because they encourage bad habits which are hard to come by.
>> only able to debug the problem because I knew this could be an issue. Guess
>> the UI doesn't allow for some kind of subtle indication that you've fanned
>> connections from an outlet. Would be nice though if a little "x2", "x3",
>> and "x4" would pop up next to your mouse cursor when you are making a
>> connection and mouse over the next inlet. 
> dunno.
> if you are currently creating a fan-out you are hopefully aware that you are doing just that (i think it's *really* hard to not notice that an outlet already has a connection going out).
> so the problem is not to make people aware that they are fanning out, but to make people aware that this might introduce message ordering problems.
> in the meantime, use triggerize (Ctrl+a Ctrl+t) to resolve all your fan-outs.
> gfmkdf
> IOhannes
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