[Pdweb] Organisation of Homepage again...

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Mon Jun 23 15:46:44 CEST 2003

Hello !
>I guess I missed the emails where this was decided.  My email was 
>semi-broken from June 10th til June 15th, so if someone could forward 
>me all the pdweb emails from that time period, I would be most 
>appreciative (no archive for pdweb :-(
thanx, fixed (a missing link)

>But I still think it is a good idea to have a distinct Development 
>section (maybe better to call it Developers) that encourages people to 
>join the group development effort.
>> Additionally I left the dev folder for development of this site so the
>> tracker and wiki and Listlink for pdweb is there.
>> Additionally I put in the exchange folder but titulated it addicted,
>> to be changed, because I think the title should express more like
>> collaboration (too long word) or Comunity or so but maybe just Info,
>> so poeple are informed about community activity.
>> I made the about folder maybe we should name it in te tabs "About PD"
>> and in the content a link on "About PD-Portalsite".
>The site is called pure-data.org, so I think "About" should be fine.  
>But I think that we don't really need this "about" section anyway, 
>since the news would be under "News", and the basic description of what 
>pd is could be in the Documentation, like a section under Documentation 
>called "About Pure Data".

Ok I can agree that About is good. But there should be (as following
our laws a must) a kind of impressum copyright notice which can go
under about.

mfg winfried

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