[PD] Repairing wav files written by pd 64bit

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Tue Mar 1 04:23:22 CET 2005

Thanks for the reply,

I tried snd-7: both snd and sndfile-convert.
snd\'s output:
[20:21:03] header read failed: /home/wade/Desktop/busted.wav: unrecognized \"RIFF\" (i.e. \'wave\') header
[20:21:03] header read failed: /home/wade/Desktop/busted.wav: unrecognized \"RIFF\" (i.e. \'wave\') header
sndfile-converts output:
sndfile-convert -pcm16 busted.wav busted-repaired.wav
Not able to open input file busted.wav.
File opened for read. Format not recognised.

Thanks for the suguestion though!

David O\'Toole wrote:

>I have been able to fix such files by loading them into snd and
>converting them there. I think you can automate any set of steps
>(surely simple in the case of a format conversion) from the
>command-line with a snd script.
>\"thewade\" <pdman at aproximation.org> writes:
>>Hello list!
>>I figured out that like readsf~ on pd 64-bit, writesf~ doesnt write
>>correct headers. I can play the files with aplay using -f dat as
>>that forces the correct header settings. Now how do I repair the
>>files header directly so that I may use these files in other
>>I tried using sox but I couldnt get it to work:
>>sox test.wav -r 48000 -c 1 test2.wav
>>sox: Failed reading test.wav: WAVE header not found
>>Thanks for the help!
>>ps. The test wave file is attached to the bug I submitted on
>>sourceforges bugtracker. Its not worth hearing, just a test tone.

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