[PD] devel_0.38 pb loading externals?

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Wed Mar 2 23:36:23 CET 2005

Hi all,
that could turn out to be one of the meanest bugs in pd history.
Vincent, Ian, Ben, did you also "make install" your built pd, or just 
run it from the bin folder?
The thing is that with the preferred autoconf build method, the pd 
binary resides in the _src_ folder after compilation.
So, most probably, you linked your externals (flext-based, but also 
others) against the new version (in src), but ran it with an old one in 
bin. This produces the described error for me, too.

best greetings,

vincent rioux schrieb:

>> currently you are the only one who both experiences and debugs this
>> problem ...
>> the only idea i have at the moment the only idea i have is to make look
>> for older versions of devel_0_38 and try to figure out the date when
>> devel_0_38 started with this behaviour ...
>> i know, this is a lot of work, but you would do the devel_ branch a big
>> favor ... use cvs update -D date
>> to check out a certain date (see man cvs for details) and start a binary
>> search during the last few monthes ...
> ouch!
> this sounds quite heavy
> i might give a try but do you think i should recompile flext and/or 
> externals each time i make a cvs update?
> otherwise, Thomas,
> i finally came back to flext 4.7, dyn and py from your website and 
> everything worked like a charm with pd-038-4 (miller's site)
> it sounds like i don't manage to use the new system you came with to 
> install flext and your externals on cvs
> if you wish you can send me your latest py version (tarred), 
> compatible with the previous build system and i will for sure give it 
> a try :-)
> vincent
>> i'm really sorry, that i can't help you at the moment, but with your
>> help, i'm pretty sure, we can find this bug ...
>> thanks ... tim

Thomas Grill
gr at grrrr.org
+43 699 19715543

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