[PD] fluid~ (and footils in general)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Nov 13 09:21:20 CET 2005

Jason Plumb hat gesagt: // Jason Plumb wrote:

> So I'm trying to get fluid~ working on 0.38-4.  Apparently it's part of 
> footils, which is part of the main externals module now.  I checked out 
> externals from cvs since the "real" realeases of externals seem to be 
> from March 2003 (is this really right???)

The "real" release is the source on Sourceforge. I don't provide
binaries or source archives anymore, those are part of the various
external packages.

> In any case, in order to compile fluid~, I had to install flext (I tried 
> version 0.5.0 downloaded from the website, but also tried the version in 
> the externals/grill/flext dir) and then had to muck around with the 
> fluid~ makefile and config file.  

I now updated the README with some more instructions: To build fluid~
you should use the flext build system. If you have built flext from
CVS with that, it should be as simple as 

$ cd externals/footils/fluid
$ sh ../../grill/flext/build.sh pd gcc
$ sh ../../grill/flext/build.sh pd gcc install

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