[PD] motex for osX + zexy 2 question

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 22 11:19:00 CET 2005

João Miguel Pais wrote:
> Hi, if anyone could help me fast with this it would be great:
> About zexy: the patch in question is several months old, and still uses  
> zexy 1.x, specifically matrix~. In this computer zexy 2 and iemmatrix 
> are  already installed. In the documentation it states that it is 
> possible to  use the "matrix~" external in Z2.0, it will behave like in 
> the good old  days. Is it really so? (for now I can't update to zexy 2 
> on my computer to  test it)

i dearly hope so.
[matrix~] is now in iemmatrix; the canonical name of the object is _now_ 
actually [mtx_*~] (and it behaves differently); for compatibility to old 
patches (i have a lot of them!) you can also call it [matrix~] and it 
will behave exactly like it used to.

> Is there something wrong with the search machine of the list archives? 
> it  doesn't matter what I write, the result comes always empty. even if 
> I type  "pd list". I use opera, but also with firefox does the same.

i'll have a look into it.
thanks for the report


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