[PD] OSX - Send PD messages from Terminal?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Nov 28 18:42:30 CET 2005

pdsend and pdreceive are included in the Pd-extended.app inside the  
.app.  You can copy or symlink them to /usr/local/bin.  Right-click on  
the Pd.app, select Show Package Contents..., then browse to Contents ->  
Resources -> bin  and copy away...


On Nov 28, 2005, at 11:21 AM, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:

> Hi,
> Pd comes with 'pdsend'.  You use it in the same way as your 'packet  
> injector', with a [netrecieve] in the Pd patch.
> Extract from the manual page:
> ----8<----
>        Pdsend  sends  messages to pd(1), via a socket conection, from  
> pdsend's standard input.  This input can be any stream of Pd messages  
> separated by  semicolons.   This  is  probably the easiest way to  
> control pd from another application. ...
> ----8<----
> Where 'pdsend' is on an OSX system, I don't know (sorry) - compiled  
> from source on Linux it is at '/usr/local/bin/pdsend'.
> Claude
> Ryan Supak wrote:
>> Hi PeeDee list,
>> I've got a bit of a broad-based question here.  I use a terrific  
>> piece of software called Quicksilver that does a lot of things, but  
>> basically it allows you to do tasks with files quickly and in an  
>> extremely elegant manner.  One task it allows you to do is to invoke  
>> shell scripts.
>>  I use PD as a pretty intricate MIDI switcher for Ableton Live, and  
>> basically I never look at PD when I play -- I rarely even look at the  
>> Ableton screen.  As the intricacy of the MIDI patching has increased,  
>> one task that has become increasingly difficult to manage is PD patch  
>> switching.  The solution I have decided on to handle switching, from  
>> now on, is to type a string of a few letters and numbers into  
>> Quicksilver and have it change the patch accordingly.
>> ***
>> So -- Basically, I would like to invoke a shell script, and have it  
>> instantly send a message to PD.  The best solution I've come up with  
>> is to use [netreceive] to catch some packets, and use a command-line  
>> "packet injector" program called Nemesis to send the packets into PD.
>> Can anybody think of a simpler, or lighter weight, method of sending  
>> PD messages from a command line or shell script?  Here's a diagram of  
>> the "missing links":
>> OSX Terminal -> SomeCommandLineMethodOfSendingMessagesToPd ->  
>> [SomeMessageReceiverPdObject]
>> Thanks for any thoughts!
>> rs
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