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Sat Jan 29 01:08:06 CET 2011

Excellent, I've been making tons of progress!  Now I'm wondering if there's a way to retrieve a single column from a [#many] object...?  I have been trying a for++ loop to iterate through the rows of a specified column but it's not working very well and I can only do that via a [#store] object...

Thanks so much!!


On Jan 28, 2011, at 3:34 PM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Jan 2011, Tedb0t wrote:
>> Awesome!  I started this patch (basically a drum sequencer interface with recallable banks), but not sure why [#store] isn't working here:
> It's because [#many] contains a [#store] that needs to have a 2-dimensional grid in it, and [#many] doesn't check that you give it such a grid, and by default, [#store] contains a 0-dimensional grid whose contents is a single 0.
>> Perhaps the [#store]s need to be initialized with the right dimensions? Not sure how to do that...
> A grid literal such as «6 8 #» will expand to a 6×8 grid of zeroes, if you pass it as a single argument where a grid is expected (using parentheses) or as a list-message to a grid-inlet.
> for example, [#store (6 8 #)]
> and to clear the contents, have a «6 8 #» messagebox.
> (I use «» to quote a list or messagebox contents in email. It's not part of GridFlow.)
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